EL SEGUNDO, CA (November 1, 2011)—The Adishian Law Group of El Segundo, CA has substantially invested in the tech-forward practice of law. After approximately five months of work, the firm recently launched its newly expanded Website (http://www.AdishianLaw.com). “Our new Website provides the best of what our visitors always loved about our old website—useful and actionable information on the legal issues facing them right now—delivered on a updated, state of the art, platform.”

Along with the launch of its updated Website, Adishian Law Group also created a new Google+ page as part of its continuing use of technology to improve the delivery of professional services. Google+ is a social networking service launched by Google Inc. in June 2011. Unlike other conventional social networks accessed through a single website, Google+ employs a “social layer” of many websites. It combines Google’s existing services such as G-mail, Circle of Friends, Google Messenger and others.

As for the Adishian Law Group’s adoption of Google+, Adishian says, “We believe that social media is one of the fastest growing methods by which people are connecting with professional service providers. We view Google+ as a tool that will allow us to better serve our clients.”

Like most industries, the legal industry is changing ever faster. Wherever the Adishian Law Group finds an opportunity to better serve its clients and the legal community through the strategic application of technology, it does so. Adishian explains, “Google+ may be a direct response to Facebook and LinkedIn.   Regardless of which company wins the social media war, if our clients are using it, we need to be there. Our clients appreciate knowing that when they hire us, they are getting a firm operating on the leading edge.”

The firm’s Website and Google+ along with its Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook pages allow the Adishian Law Group to raise awareness about relevant legal content to its individual and business clients as well as the community at large on a continuous basis without being intrusive. These content distribution channels are expanding the firm’s reach within its primary practice areas—corporate, employment, real estate and arbitration/mediation—creating new relationships, and reinforcing its brand as the law firm to call when you need legal services in California.

About Adishian Law Group, P.C.

Adishian Law Group is a California law firm with a statewide practice in the areas of Corporate law, Employment law, Real Estate law and Mediation Services. Adishianlaw.com is one of the oldest continually operating law firm websites on the Internet. The firm serves its clientele via three offices located in the major business hubs of El Segundo, Palo Alto and San Francisco. As of March 2013, Adishian Law Group, P.C. has represented individual and corporate clients located across 20 California counties, 4 States outside of California and 9 foreign countries — in over 340 legal matters.

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