Compliance is not sexy, but failing to stay in compliance can expose your company to severe liability and be very costly. A compliance failure may even cause you to lose the corporate shield, exposing you to personal liability based on an “alter ego’ theory. In order to maintain a business enterprise legally, you must comply with increasing and/or changing set of regulations: federal, state and city.

Below is a list of the compliance services we provide:

  • Annual Board of Directors meetings and minutes;
  • Annual Shareholder meetings and minutes;
  • Resolutions;
  • Permitting;
  • Licenses:
  • Statements of Information:
  • Franchise Tax Board;
  • Revisions to ByLaws, Operating Agreements or Partnership Agreements;
  • Written Company Policies;
  • Audit opinion letters re: pending or threatened litigation;
  • and many others

Our clients cover a wide range of businesses and industries, including: alternative energy/solar; auto collision repair; communications/pr; content creation (films, animation, CDs); consulting; distribution; investment banking; investment research and information; medical practices (Health care, Stark); product design/manufacturing/licensing; real estate brokerage; real estate development; commercial real estate ownership; residential real estate ownership; restaurant owner/operators; software development and web services.

If you have a pending compliance issue, or just want to do a better job of compliance going forward, please contact us today to start a conversation.