We represent employees in wrongful termination claims.  We also defend companies facing wrongful termination claims.

<div class=”headline-blue-2″>What is wrongful termination? </div>

In short, it is a firing that violates California Public Policy.  What is public policy? The California Constitution, Statutes, Regulations and Case law all contain California public policy.  For example, there could be a wrongful termination if the Company fired you to avoid paying commissions. For example, there could be a wrongful termination based on Disability Discrimination, Harassment or other protected classes defined under FEHA.

<div class=”headline-blue-2″>Job Loss Can Be Difficult Even When Lawful</div>

Any job loss is frequently painful for the affected individual and his or her family.  A wrongful termination can have devastating ripple effects.  Salary and role do not matter.  The fears and feelings are real, and almost always the same.  These are some of the reasons why we practice employment law.

Many employees mistakenly believe that they have no valid claims because California is an “at will” state. Similarly, many employers mistakenly believe that they are litigation proof because California is an “at will” state. The truth is not so clear cut.  Talk with us.

<div class=”headline-blue-2″>What Should I do?</div>

If you believe you are about to be wrongfully terminated, watch this video.

As you may see by now, California law is complex, confusing and constantly evolving.  These cases touch on emotionally charged issues of fairness and honesty.  Let us help you.

Our past Plaintiff clients include CEOs, company founders, investment bankers, finance professionals, sales professionals, programmers and other executives.

Our past defense clients include successful privately-held and publicly traded Companies.

We enjoy the challenge presented these high stakes cases.

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