California Employment Law is complex, confusing and constantly evolving. It touches on the most fundamental and emotionally charged issues of fairness and honesty. It is well documented that a loss of employment often has devastating effects, financially, emotionally and psychologically for the individual and his or her family….regardless of how much money he or she was earning.

Many clients and potential clients on the employee side mistakenly believe that they have no valid claims because California is an “at will” state. Similarly, many clients and potential clients on the Company side mistakenly believe that they are litigation proof because California is an “at will” state. Both are wrong.

Ever since our founding, we have brought and defended wrongful termination claims. Wrongful termination is a “catch all” claim that encompasses a wide range of wrongful conduct under law. It is a very serious claim. Generically it is a wrongful termination violation of public policy. What is public policy? It is any California public policy as represented in the Constitution, Statutes, Regulations or Case law. By way of illustration, this claim could be stated as a wrongful termination failure to pay wages, or wrongful termination gender discrimination.

Our Plaintiffs have included CEOs, company founders, investment bankers, finance professionals, sales professionals, programmers and other executives. Our defense clients have included successful privately-held and publicly traded Companies. We enjoy the challenge presented these high stakes cases.

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