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Mediation Can Save You Time, Money, and Emotion.

Available for business, employment and real estate litigation.

Mediation is voluntary, mutual and low-risk to the parties.

Every war has a beginning, a middle and an end, call us and
maybe we can end yours.

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California Mediator Christopher M. Adishian, Esq.

Chris Adishian is a fair-minded, smart, friendly and personable professional who brings creativity, perspective and deep technical and practical knowledge to achieving settlements through mediation services. Prior to starting his own successful law practice in 2003, he had a successful career outside the law.

He understands conflict, understands people and enjoys the process of bringing about a hard won peace so that everyone can move forward in their respective lives. Of course some cases must be tried — for a variety of reasons — but most should settle in order to avoid an enormous waste of time, resources, energy, money and emotions. If you are stuck in a conflict and can’t seem to get out, call us.

Mediator: Summary Bio
  • Loyola Law School, J.D. Dean’s Scholarship Recipient, 1994
  • California Supreme Court, extern
  • Federal District Court, extern
  • U.C. Berkeley, B.A. Mathematical Economics, 1991
  • Minor: Business Administration, Haas School of Business, 1991
  • Licensed California Attorney
  • Licensed California Real Estate Broker
  • Palos Verdes High School, 1987
  • Chadwick School

To read Chris’s full professional biography, click here. Chris was also recently profiled in South Bay Magazine.

Mediation Services

Mr. Adishian is available for mediation in the following areas of law: Business, Employment, Real estate, and Pre-litigation disputes of all kinds.

Mediation Approach

Mr. Adishian’s approach to mediation is human, friendly, substantive and pragmatic infused with elements of philosophy, mathematics, expected value calculations, time-value of money and game theory. Each party is treated respectfully and provided with a candid third party assessment of the perceived strengths and weaknesses of their case based on the facts provided to the Mediator.

Mediation Fees

Mr. Adishian offers a flat daily rate for all mediations which includes preparation time. Mediations that are half-day or less are billed at an hourly rate. The daily rate depends on the number of parties, case complexity and whether travel is required. We can provide a rate quote by phone 310.726.0888 or by email after receiving your mediation submission form at the bottom of this page.

Mediation Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require mediation briefs?

Mediation briefs are strongly recommended. Either letter briefs or formal pleadings are acceptable, and should be received at least seven days prior to the mediation. The briefs should lay out the procedural history, key facts/exhibits, claims with appropriate evidence, areas of agreement and disagreement and any prior settlement negotiations.

Who is required to attend?

All parties to the dispute are required to attend, as well as those with the required authority to settle the dispute. Everyone must be in the room.

Is mediation confidential?

Yes. The provisions providing for mediation confidentiality are set forth in Evidence Code Sections 1115-1128. Prior to commencing mediation with us, all parties or participants are required to sign our standard form mediation agreement, which includes these provisions.

How long does mediation last?

If a mediation occurs during the course of litigation, or has a complex fact pattern, most likely it will require a full day. Once we have everybody together, we want stay focused on the work of resolving the dispute. We typically provide lunch, drinks and some other food throughout the day.

What happens during mediation?

Each party begins the mediation in their own separate room. The mediator starts with one party to gain an understanding of the dispute. The mediator will then leave that party and go to the other party to listen to their perspective of the dispute. These one to one sessions are private and confidential. The mediator will not share confidential information or positions with the other side unless you ask him to do so. This process continues throughout the day until the parties achieve a settlement. At the conclusion of the mediation, Mr. Adishian likes to bring the parties together for a joint session to shake hands.

What happens when we settle?

One of the parties will typically have a “stipulation for settlement” or a Global Settlement and Release which will be signed before the parties leave the mediation. It is critical to have a writing memorializing the settlement and to have it executed by all parties. We provide a form stipulation for settlement if needed.

How are fees paid? What if the parties settle or cancel prior to the mediation?

Fees are paid in advance as agreed by the Parties. Absent an agreement among the parties, rates are presumed to be paid pro-rata. Fees must be paid in advance. Fee deposits will be refunded if written notice of cancellation is received 30 days in advance of the first scheduled hearing date. If cancelled less than 30 days prior to the scheduled hearing date, then fees will only be refunded if Mr. Adishian is able to fill that mediation with a new mediation.

How do we initiate mediation?

Call us at 310.726.0888 or submit the Mediation Request Form below. If all the parties have agreed to mediate, please include a list of available dates. If some parties are reluctant to mediate, we can assist in obtaining their agreement to mediate.