Since our founding, we have represented Buyers and Sellers of real estate in a wide variety of legal matters, including escrow disputes. Everyone loves opening escrow, but what really matters is closing escrow or cancelling escrow depending on the specific issues in the transaction.

Adishian Law Group’s founding attorney, Chris Adishian is a licensed California real estate broker. As a real estate law attorney and a licensed real estate broker, he is able to offer experienced guidance to clients with their real estate transactions and real estate litigation, should it come to that.

Our real estate clients typically fit into one of three categories: individual buyers and sellers, professional investors and large real estate companies.

Our most common type of client comes to us when they are either buying or selling a piece of property and need legal assistance completing or invalidating a transaction. This is also, most commonly, where escrow disputes can arise. We’ve helped our clients navigate the waters of numerous property transactions. We invite you to take a look at our Case Studies to see specific matters in which we’ve helped our clients with real estate transactions or real estate litigation.

If your transaction is in escrow and you want to cancel escrow, or you don’t want to cancel escrow but the other party does, it is important to act quickly. Call us today to start a conversation.

Case Studies