From mixed-use centers, to shopping centers, to restaurants, to industrial property and multi-family apartments – the real estate law attorneys at Adishian Law Group have represented Buyers and Owners in securing tens of millions of dollars of real estate financings.

In fact, Adishian Law Group’s founding attorney, Chris Adishian was a corporate finance investment banker earlier in his career focused on hotel financings. Our goal is to ensure that all of our clients’ rights and interests are protected in each financing transaction, and that each transaction is undertaken in prudent and thoughtful manner.

A few of the most common questions faced by parties involved in a financing transaction are:

• What term of loan should I select?
• Should I select a fixed or floating rate loan?
• Can I prepay the loan without a penalty?
• What is a securitized loan?
• What is a portfolio loan?
• Will I have to sign a personal guaranty?
• Do I qualify for an SBA loan?
• What is a hard money loan?
• Can we negotiate terms?

If you thinking about purchasing a property or refinancing your existing property or properties, call us. There is a good chance that we’ve probably already dealt with the issue that you are facing, and we offer a free, no obligation consultation.

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