From mixed-use centers, to shopping centers, to restaurants, to industrial property and multi-family apartments – the real estate law attorneys at Adishian Law Group have represented landlords and tenants in all aspects of commercial real estate leases. As of June 2014, we have negotiated well over $8,000,000 in commercial real estate leases.

In fact, Adishian Law Group’s founding attorney, Chris Adishian is a licensed California real estate broker. As a real estate law attorney and a licensed real estate broker, he is able to offer experienced guidance to clients with their real estate transactions and real estate litigation, should it come to that.

We have years of experience helping brokers, agents, landlords and tenants negotiate leases, assignments, subleases and resolve their legal disagreements through effective and efficient negotiations to ensure that both parties can move forward as quickly as reasonably possible. It is our goal to ensure that all of our clients’ rights and business interests are protected in each leasing transaction.

Our expertise lies in the following areas of commercial real estate leasing:

• Negotiating and drafting commercial leases
• Leases with options to renew
• Leases with options to extend
• Leases with options to purchase
• Assignments
• Subleases
• Commercial lease termination and surrender

A few of the most common questions faced by parties involved in commercial leases are:

• What are the risks or a short term v. long term lease?
• Should we give an option to renew/extend?
• How do I exercise my option?
• Can I get out of my lease?
• Can I renegotiate the lease with my landlord/tenant?

If you have a commercial property, or are thinking about entering into a commercial lease, call us. There is a good chance that we’ve probably already dealt with the issue that you are facing, and we offer a free, no obligation consultation.

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