In an ideal world, all disagreements would be settled with a civil conversation resulting in a mutually beneficial solution sealed with a handshake. Unfortunately, in the world we live in, some disagreements simply cannot be resolved with a conversation. For reasons both financial and personal, parties often have diverging points of view when it comes to matters involving large dollar transactions, as if often the case with real estate.

California real estate law is incredibly sophisticated and legal disputes can quickly escalate to the point where real estate mediation or even litigation becomes necessary. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced attorney on your side, who can reach sensible solution with cooperative parties, and is able to litigate should that be necessary.

Adishian Law Group has real estate attorneys with years of real estate mediation and real estate litigation experience involving millions and millions of dollars of real estate. Our attorneys are committed to ensuring that the interests of our clients are at the forefront of every decision made throughout a case.

Our experience and results speak for themselves, and our rates are about one-half of “downtown” firms. See the Case Studies in the right column as well as the full list of “Case Studies” on our website.

We have earned favorable outcomes for our commercial landlord clients in the form of stipulated judgments for possession, stipulated judgments for money, default judgments and confessions of monetary judgments. We have also resolved disputes on behalf of commercial tenants involving unlawful detainers outside of court to ensure a cost-effective, non-disruptive transfer for both the landlord and tenant.

We also recently represented a purchaser of a luxury property in a “failure to disclose” case which resulted in a six figure settlement at mediation.

If you are contemplating real estate litigation, or if you have been sued and have not yet retained a law firm, it is important to act quickly. Give ua a call today to start a conversation.

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