The standard form California Association of Realtors (CAR) contract REQUIRES that parties to the contract engage in a real estate mediation prior to commencing litigation. A party’s failure to participate in a good faith real estate mediation prior to commencing litigation will likely result in that party losing its ability to recover attorneys’ fees should that party prevail at trial. California public policy is to promote real estate mediation in all residential transactions and most commercial transactions.

Adishian Law Group’s founding attorney, Chris Adishian is a licensed California real estate broker. As a real estate law attorney and a licensed real estate broker, he is able to offer experienced guidance to clients with their real estate transactions.

Our firm has led our clients through many successful real estate mediations involving millions and millions of dollars worth of properties, that resolved all parties claims, and avoided spending time and money on litigation.

If you are heading towards a real estate dispute, it is important to act quickly. Call us today to start a conversation, and maybe we can help you too.

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