Since our founding, we have represented buyers and sellers of real estate throughout the life cycle of their real estate transactions — drafting and negotiating letters of intent, purchase and sale agreements, inspections, due diligence, contingency removal, extensions, cancelling escrow and closing escrow.

These transactions have involved millions and millions of dollars of real estate, ranging from single family residences, to condominiums, to 1-4 units, to large multi-family apartments and shopping centers.

Commons questions include:

  • Can we be forced to clear a contingency?
  • What if our inspection turns up something I did not expect?
  • Is our deposit at risk?
  • Can we cancel escrow?
  • Can we renegotiate prior to closing?
  • What happens if there was a failure to disclose?
  • Do we need a Phase 1?

If you are involved in a major real estate transaction, or are contemplating a major real estate transaction, it is important to add an excellent real estate attorney to your team quickly. Call us today to start a conversation.

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