Failure to Pay Bonus, Failure to Pay Commission, Wrongful Termination

Represented Plaintiff, a homosexual male and successful veteran software salesman, who was fired from his private, VC-backed employer without receiving his bonuses or MBO compensation.

Settled low 5 figures

4 months

Attorney to attorney negotiation



Tags: 5 Figure Settlements, Failure to Pay Bonus, Failure to Pay Commissions, Settled without Litigation, Settlement Agreements, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination, Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Represented Plaintiff, a homosexual male, mid-level finance professional, who had been fired from his publicly traded employer after a lengthy career, with no severance.

Settled mid-to-high 5 figures

5 months

Attorney to attorney negotiation



Tags: 5 Figure Settlements, Employment, Settled without Litigation, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Wrongful Termination

Licensing Agreement

Content licensing agreement for creator of children's DVD featuring famous paintings and musical compositions.



Business / Corporate

Tags: Contracts, Transactions

Failure to Pay Bonus, Sexual Harassment, Sex Discrimination, Fraud, Retaliation

Represented Plaintiff, a top performing, female sales professional terminated from her publicly traded Internet company, in litigation alleging failure to pay bonus, sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, fraud and retaliation.

Settled low to mid 6 figures

6 months

Settled during litigation



Tags: Employment, Failure to Pay Bonus, Fraud, Retaliation (FEHA), Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Wrongful Termination

S-Corporation Formation

S-Corporation formation for leading distributor of medical implants.

Formation: S-Corporation

Business / Corporate

Tags: Corporate Law, Entity Formation, Transactions

Capital Raise

Completed Rule 506 offering for $200,000 round of investment in golf product company.

Capital Raise


Business / Corporate

Tags: Corporate Finance, Corporate Law

New Medical Office Real Estate Development

Negotiation of investment in limited liability company developing new $5,000,000 medical office.

Purchase/Sale: Purchase


Business / Corporate

Tags: Medical Offices, Purchases and Sales, Real Estate, Transactions

General Counsel Medical Office

General counsel to largest pain management practice in the San Francisco Bay Area (2004-2012)

General Counsel

Business / Corporate

Tags: Corporate Law, General Counsel, Medical Offices, Transactions

LLC Formation, Contracts

LLC formation and technology distribution agreement for consumer product start up.

Formation: LLC

Business / Corporate

Tags: Entity Formation, LLC, Transactions

Fraud, Negligence, Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, FINRA Arbitration

DEFENDED former owner of investment banking firm in an NASD (now FINRA) arbitration where he was being sued personally for over $500,000, inclusive of fees and costs, by a former client of firm.

Plaintiff awarded only $7,410 plus nominal fees.

1 month

Arbitration judgment for less than 2% of plaintiff's complaint



Tags: Business Litigation, Defense, Judgment