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Landlord Unlawfully Withheld Commercial Security Deposit

Represented Plaintiff in litigation against Landlord.

In the end, Landlord paid the entire security deposit, PLUS interest at 10% per year, PLUS a statutory penalty and PLUS all attorneys' fees and costs - nearly double what was owed.

2 months after filing

Attorney to Attorney negotiation during litigation


Real Estate

Tags: 2013, Landlord and Tenant, Real Estate Litigation

General Counsel, Real Estate

Provide ongoing legal advice, lease review, lease management and litigation support as needed for owner of multi-million dollar mixed-use development.

General Counsel

Real Estate

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Fraud, Promissory Estoppel, Misrepresentation

Represented highly compensated marketing director who alleged she was serially lied to in recruiting process by a "headhunter" causing her damage. Client was left in seeming "no man's land" -- no claims against prior employer, no unemployment benefits because she voluntarily resigned in expectation of new start date and no contract claims against prospective new employer because no contract was ever signed.

Settled mid to high 5 figures

13 months

Settled during litigation through mediation



Tags: 2013, 5 Figure Settlements, Breach of Contract, Employment, Employment Litigation, Misrepresentation, Promissory Estoppel

Acquisition, Health Care, Pain Management

Buy-side counsel for private-equity acquirer of pain management practice and assignment of associated commercial lease.



Business / Corporate

Tags: 2013, General Counsel, Medical Offices, Mergers and Acquisitions, Transactions

Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Age Discrimination, Retaliation

Represented homosexual male, Senior Level marketing professional in claims of sexual orientation discrimination, age discrimination, and retaliation against large privately held financial services firm.

Settled low 6 figures

4 months

Attorney to attorney negotiation



Tags: 2013, 6 Figure Settlements, Employment, Retaliation, Settled without Litigation, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Wrongful Termination

Real Estate Purchase Dispute, Specific Performance

Represented Buyer of 4-plex in El Segundo after Seller tried to cancel executed real estate purchase contract.

Buyer closed on property at contracted price

2 weeks

Attorney to attorney negotiation


Real Estate

Tags: 2013, Escrow Disputes, Purchases and Sales, Real Estate, Settled without Litigation

Wage and Hour, Misclassification, Failure to Provide Meal & Rest Breaks

Represented Plaintiff, a female sales representative in claims against privately held software company, alleging wage and hour violations, misclassification, failure to provide meal and rest breaks and failure to pay commissions.

Settled low to mid 5 figures

2 months

Attorney to attorney negotiation



Tags: 2013, Failure to Pay Commissions, Failure to Provide Meal & Rest Breaks, Misclassification, Wage & Hour

Breach of Contract, Failure to Pay Wages

DEFENDED renewable energy company against former employee suing for breach of contract and failure to pay wages. Case involved a very complex, precise MBO plan (aka incentive compensation, bonus plan) that incorporated sophisticated industry specific tax concepts.

Settled mid to high 5 figures

8 months

Settled with litigation through Arbitration



Tags: 2013, 5 Figure Settlements, Breach of Contract, Defense, Employment Litigation, Failure to Pay Bonus, Failure to Pay Commissions

Silicon Valley, Breach of Contract, Failure to Pay Wages, Retaliation, Unfair Competition

Represented a highly-compensated, Northern California sales representative for a large professional services firm when he was denied his bonus.

Settled mid-to-high 5 figures

5 months

Attorney to attorney negotiation



Tags: 2013, 5 Figure Settlements, Employment, Failure to Pay Bonus, Retaliation, Settled without Litigation, Silicon Valley, Unfair Competition