Retaliatory Discharge, Gender Discrimination, Breach of Contract

  • January 31, 2016

Represented Plaintiff, a high-performing, high-earning female salesperson in claims against former employer alleging that employer unilaterally altered her compensation multiple times, delayed her bonus, reduced her bonus, and then terminated her.

Silicon Valley, Failure to Pay Bonus

  • July 15, 2010

Represented top-performing female sales professional in her claims for unpaid bonuses and other incentive compensation owed to her, AFTER Company tried to coerce her to repay money already paid to her, accused her of expense fraud and placed her on…

Sexual Harassment, Sex Discrimination, Fraud

  • May 7, 2010

Represented a female, former sales representative for a large wholesaler, alleging sexual harassment and gender discrimination based on a hostile work environment involving sexually explicit emails and photos sent to her by male co-workers.

Silicon Valley, Wrongful Termination, Sex Discrimination

  • October 2, 2008

Represented Plaintiff, a senior male finance professional in Silicon Valley, alleging wrongful termination and gender discrimination following termination from his publicly traded employer after a lengthy career.