EL SEGUNDO, CA (September 5, 2013)—Chris Adishian, President of the Adishian Law Group in El Segundo, CA and an expert in employment and labor law was quoted in an article appearing in Lawyers.com discussing the topic of civil extortion.

The article focuses on a case involving a popular Univision radio star who was sued for alleged harassment.  In response to the lawsuit the star sued the defendants and their attorneys for civil extortion.

Chris Adishian, who has practiced high-stakes employment law throughout California for over 10 years, including both sending and receiving demand letters says, “The key is the threat of an unlawful injury,” Adishian explains. “The threat of a lawful injury would not be extortion. Threats to do only what [the] party making them has legal right to do are not unlawful.”

Adishian explains, “People can ‘threaten’ lawful injury or ‘threaten’ to take lawful actions against another.  They just cannot threaten unlawful actions,”

The article cited Chris Adishian as an expert resource in employment law to describe how lawyers can zealously advocate for their client’s legal rights without crossing the line, which may have the unintended result of causing their own clients and perhaps the lawyer himself or herself to incur liability.

Adishian says, “Lawyers also have a separate obligation not to violate their Rules of Professional Conduct.  One of those rules prohibits threatening criminal charges to gain an advantage in an civil dispute.”

To read the complete article “Ex Radio Star Piolin Accuses Former Staffers of Extortion”, please click the following link to see the post at Lawyers.com: “Ex Radio Star Piolin Accuses Former Staffers of Extortion”

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