Adishian Law Group, P.C. founder Chris Adishian answers why Adishian Law Group practices real estate law.


Our firm practices real estate because I’ve always had an interest in real estate as a young adult and that interest just grew over time. Fortunately, along the way I had two great instructors, one was Marvin Starr, who was an attorney and actually the co-author of the main treatise on California law, governing real estate.
Another was Bill Coskran at Loyola Law School who was a fantastic real estate attorney, as well as a professor.

When I graduated from law school, I went to work at Arthur Andersen, and during my time there I worked on a number of large real estate companies tax matters. And then at Montgomery Securities, after Arthur Andersen, we did a lot of public market financing and M&A in the real estate space, mostly related to hotels and timeshare companies. After I started my law firm, I became a fully licensed California real estate broker. So through our affiliated company, Adishian Capital, our clients can get full brokerage services and full property management services. And taken together, they have a law firm and a property management firm, real estate brokerage, to have relationship continuity across all their real estate activities in California.