Yes, we litigate, and we take cases to trial — against some of the biggest corporations on the planet. Conflict is part of life and part of the competitive business world. However, it is critical to remember that litigation is NOT your business.

The overwhelming majority of Complaints filed never make it to trial. Some estimates are that 99.5% of disputes do NOT go to trial. Of course, some people just like to fight, and for those few, we’re happy to oblige on behalf of our clients. However, for the overwhelming majority of disputes entering the legal system, the parties are better served by reaching a settlement — a fair, reasonable, full-value settlement that factors in the time-value of money and litigation risk — sooner rather than later.

Adishian Law Group has established a reputation throughout the State of California for being exceptional settlement attorneys. To be clear, by “settlement” we don’t mean folding, walking away or accepting pennies on the dollar. We mean a settlement that gives fair, reasonable, full-value to the parties’ claims and defenses factoring in the time-value of money and litigation risk; a settlement that allows everyone to move forward with their business rather than continue to litigate.

In fact, we have taken on a number of clients whose prior attorneys were unable to generate any value for the client’s claim, or actually told the client that they were simply “out of luck.”

In one such case, we represented a client after his prior attorney had failed to even generate a $1 offer in settlement of the client’s claims. Within about four months we negotiated a nearly $200,000 settlement for our client via a one day attorney-attorney mediation, all without the fees, costs, risk and time associated with litigation. See Case Studies for more examples.

If you are party to a business dispute and believe you have no options, or other attorneys have told you your claims lack merit, give us a call, and let’s have a conversation.

Case Studies