Since our founding, we have represented employees in a wide range of employment related claims including harassment. If you have questions, please take advantage of our FREE online case submission below.

  • Have you been illegally harassed at work? Are you not sure?
  • Has the harassment been “severe and pervasive”?
  • Have you been denied promotions due to harassment?
  • Have you been subjected to any other adverse employment action that was not warranted?
  • Did you employer harass you because of your age?

If you are a California resident we can represent you in your claims regardless of where the company is headquartered in the United States. Similarly, if you are located outside of California and the company is located inside California, we can represent you in your claims . Many times clients and potential clients mistakenly believe that they have no valid claims because they have been told that California is an “at will” employment state.

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