We have represented both Landlords and Tenants in bringing and defending commercial unlawful detainers. Commercial unlawful detainers are a “summary proceeding” that proceed on an accelerated calendar compared to a routine civil proceeding.

On behalf of landlords, we have secured the prompt return of their Premises as well as monetary damages via stipulated judgments for possession, stipulated money judgments, default judgments and confessions of judgment. We have also represented commercial tenants in resolving threatened unlawful detainer matters to ensure a cost-effective, non-disruptive transfer for both the landlord and tenant. Please see the Case Studies on the right hand side, and our full list of Case Studies for additional examples.

If you are a Landlord who needs to bring a commercial unlawful detainer, or if you are a commercial tenant being wrongly subjected to an unlawful detainer, it is important to act quickly. Please give us a call today to start a conversation.

Case Studies